Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NYC visits BCN

In February my BFF came to visit from NYC with his partner Mykie.  We had a great time...they were here for 1 week.  It was a busy week.

Here they are.
Me and Mike at La Boqueria.
 The Lobster.
 We went up to the top of the Christopher Colombus statue.

Us in front of a government building.
I was sick the first few days of their visit so I chilled out at the nearest Starbucks while they toured the sites I directed them too.  One good thing that came of that...I found a cupcake shop ;-)
One night we visited a dessert restaurant, where we had dessert tapas.  We got to sit in the kitchen and watch them work.  We had some interesting combos, most of them were good.

We visited Parc Guell.  Mykie likes his photo taken ;-)

 We visited Palau Guell.

Had a few great dinners.
 Took the train 1.5 hours from Barcelona to the Dali Musuem.
 Another day we went to Montserrat.
We also visit St. George castle.

 Then the Joan Miro Museum.
As you can see it was a busy week. 

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