Sunday, March 25, 2012

Athens: Part 2

From Filopappos Hill

The Nymphaion
The Stoa of Attalos
Temple of Hephaestus 

Hadrian's Arch

Athens: Part 1

At the begining of December there were a few holidays here in Spain so Jeff and I took this opportunity to get out of town.  We decided to go to Athens, Greece for the extended weekend.  It was an amazing trip...seeing things that were in my school books.  There are so many pictures it was hard to pick out a few,  I think we took 600+ pictures in 4 days.  I broke up the pictures into 2 post, so stay tuned for the other.
The Acropolis
The Zappeion
These orange trees were everywhere.
The Parliment Building
Changing of the guards.
The Temple of Zeus

A theatre at the Acropolis

Herodes Atticus Theatre
The main entrance to the Acropolis

The Parthenon

Me from the Acropolis

Jeff and I in front of the Parthenon

One of the many strays that were hanging out at the Acropolis.  Of course I had to feed the old guy.

Christmas in Barcelona

is different than in the States.  First, there is no such thing as Black Friday.  Spainards don't get up early to get the best deal and possibly get trampeled to death.  Second, the stores aren't open later during the holiday season.  Third, they don't exchange gifts on Christmas Eve/Day.

This year we were able to catch a Christmas market that closed on December 22nd.  We tried to go last year, but didn't know they closed so early in the season.

There are some lights around town, but only in the tourist/shopping areas.  Most people don't decorate their homes either. 

There was actually a skating rink set up this year in the main square.  It was in the 60's in December and it was funny to see people in winter coats ice skating.